Friday, July 9, 2010

Finally Finished....BONE

I finally finished the Bone Series by Jeff Smith!!! The last took novels in the Series, Treasure Hunters and the Crown of Thorns, were just as wonderful and awesome as the others!

I was so excited to finally finish, I couldn't put them down!!!

It was simple, it was perfect!

If you haven't read my other post about this graphic novel series, let me catch you up.....

Once upon a time in a far distant land there were 3 bone cousins. They were run out of Boneville because of one of the cousin's greed.

They got lost, very lost. Then separated ! They really weren't having any luck. Until.....
They meet Grandma Ben and Thorn. After that there was no going back and OH! how the adventures began.

"What kind of adventures?" you may ask....

I'm not telling, you gotta go read.

I promise you'll love it!!! And if you don't, well then I can't really help you.

You are un-help-able!

No, but seriously go read these graphic novels. They are easy to read, fast reads, classic good vs. evil dilemma, funny, cute and charming.

Just do it! Now!

5 stars don't lie!

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