Sunday, August 22, 2010

A to Z, Christopher Walken: The Man, The Movies, The Legend

A to Z, Christopher Walken: The Man, The Movies, The Legend by Robert Schnakenberg was one interesting biography.

I liked it, very much so because

1) I'm a Chris Walken fan, I will watch anything he is in despite bad reviews.

2) The format was fantastic. It read like an encyclopedia. (A to Z, get it?)

There was so much information in there that I would have never of thought could be true about an actor.

Like, did you know that Christopher Walken was a nude baby model in cat calenders or that he was a lion tamer one summer?

Who would have thought!

This is a great biography to read if you are interested in learning all there is to know about Christopher Walken. It touches on every part of his life without going into a long, drawn out narrative about the night he was born, who was growing up or any other mundane details that supposedly make a person.

However, the book wasn't perfect. I found some of the "entries" pointless and it left me wondering why certian things were important enough to get recognitions. But hey, I didn't write it so who am I to judge! And as always it could have used.....


4 stars

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