Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Romancing Miss Bronte and Paperback Swap

Love the Bronte Sisters? How about a novel written about their own love lives? Be on of the first to get a FREE copy of Juliet Gael new novel Romancing Miss Bronte. Random House Publishers is offering a limited quantity of free copies to anyone who signs up! I found this deal on the blog, follow this link and it will tell you how to get to the Random House site to sign up.

Also, My cousin has shared a website in which you can trade books.
"The website is called "Paperback Swap". You sign up for free, and you post books that you are willing to part with. If someone "orders" your book, you send your book to them. They don't pay you. After they receive the book you get a credit to your account. For each credit you earn, you can "order" any book. For free! They say postage on a typical paperback runs about $2.35. So, for each book you send for under $3, you get a free book. Basically you are paying postage for your books. Yay!

To ship the book, you print postage on a piece of paper, and wrap it around the book (like a present) and drop it in the mail. You don't need to buy an envelope or box or anything!"

Here is that site They also have DVD swap and CD swap.

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Elizabeth said...

Just an update on
I put up 30 books last night and by this morning 5 of them were "ordered"!!! Really great turn around!