Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The Last Song

Ok, Ok, I know I said I would be reading Lucky Man next but in my defense I didn't lie completely. I am reading it I'm about half way through and hope to post on it by Friday, but I got distracted.
I got distracted by Nicholas Sparks and all his heartache. I finally read The Last Song and I have to say I was slightly disappointed. And this is why......

After reading author's notes in the back of the book I learned that Sparks custom wrote the novel and screenplay for Miley Cyrus. He wrote the screenplay so filming could begin before he started the novel. Is it just me or does that seem unfair?

Despite that though the novel wasn't too bad, not his best writing though. There always seemed to be something off about the story, that something I still haven't figured out. Unlike most of his novels this one was rather hard to get through, I can usually read a Sparks novel in about 3-6 hours. The Last Song took me about a week! : (

Like all of his novel's their is death and heartbreak in the end and it's pretty obvious who will die by the first half of the novel but it's not the typical type of character he "kills" off. One thing I did love about the novel thought was the focus on a father's relationship with his children rather than a romantic one, that he typically writes about.

Though I will probably never read this book again and would recommend it to someone only if there were 1( nothing else to read , 2) the biggest Nicholas Sparks fan in the world, 3) in love with Miley Cyrus/Hannah Montana or 4) like me they simple can't resist reading about romance for lack of their own love life, I will still give this novel 3 of 5 stars.

Now to finish Lucky Man and continue my current obsession Michael J. Fox!


Chanel said...

I am going to read the Columbine book as soon as I have the money to get it... or the time to sit in the bookstore.

And that is very disappointing that he wrote the novel and the screenplay with Miley in mind, let alone the screenplay before the novel. That's awful. It's supposed to be a movie based on the book, not vice versa. Boo.

Elizabeth said...

You can have my copy of the Columbine book. I'm done with it. So whenever I see you next....