Monday, February 15, 2010

Alice's Adventures in Wonderland

I was really excited to finally be reading the actually story of Alice in Wonderland but I've found that I've know the real story all along. All the movie adaptations of this novel are pretty close if not completely accurate! Except the singing, of course. However, I couldn't help but sing along in my head to "Painting the Roses Red"!!!!!! This was a very easy and fast read, I started reading it around midnight on Saturday and finished literally minutes ago.... and I only devoted maybe 3 hours to it in total! Not bad at all! Classic story, everyone will love and enjoy. As long as you don't know the circumstances in which Carroll wrote it..... I'll post some info for those who are at your own risk! Being such a delightful little tale this is the first book I will be giving 5 STARS!!!! Everyone really should read of Alice's Adventures in Wonderland!

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