Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Bone, Out from Boneville and The Great Cow Race

Bone by Jeff Smith is a series of graphic novels (9 in all) about 3 bone cousins. Fone Bone, Phoney Bone and Smiley Bone have all been run out of Boneville. These graphic novels tell the story of the cousin's misadventures and attempt to get back to Boneville.

Along the way the get stuck in a deep forest valley filled with wonderful and terrifying creatures.

Rat Creatures, Dragons and Opossums! OH MY!!!

I read the first two of the series, Out from Boneville and The Great Cow Race. Now you might be asking yourself, why did she read those?

Two Reasons:

1) They were recommended by one of my favorite professors
(Julie Stepp, you are the best!!!)

2) I found them at a yard sale for $0.25 each!!!

I honestly didn't expect to get into this series, but I did! This graphic novels ( like most graphic novels) were very quick and easy reads but they are to be continued.....

Which means I have to find the other 7 and I bet I won't find them at a yard sale for a quarter. : (

Anyway, I would recommend these novels if you are under 15 years old, just like to read, need something quick or colorful to read or you trust my judgment wholly and completely ( Ha Ha, I know I'm funny!).

But seriously, these are really good graphic novels for kids ( my guess would be about 8 & up).

Cute little endearing story that I'm completely addicted to, probably will never be on school reading list or considered a classic but I liked it pretty well. 3 of 5 stars!

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